Conference Invitation

After the outstanding success of the 6th edition of the International Convention of FUE Europe in Ankara - Turkey, we invite all interested participants to join the next edition of FUE Europe Meeting in Malaga, Spain. The event will be held between April 26 and 28, 2018. The conference features renowned faculty members and top hair restoration surgeons in the world.

This event will be an excellent opportunity to learn from the best, and to meet all the newcomers. There will be plenty of time to socialize and converse about everything FUE-related. More than 30 experts are going to be in attendance - going through demonstrations, presentations, and any questions you may have.

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We invite you to the beautiful and sunny city of Malaga, located on the southern coast of Spain in an area packed with history. Easily accessible from all over Europe, it also has superb connections to Madrid for travelers from outside the region.

Conference Venue: Hotel NH Málaga, Spain


Dr. Teresa Meyer

Dr. Teresa Meyer (Spain)

Conference Co-Chair
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Dr. Chiara Insalaco

Dr. Chiara Insalaco (Italy)

Conference Co-Chair
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Dr. Christian Bisanga

Dr. Christian Bisanga (Belgium)

Scientific Director
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Dr. John Cole

Dr. John Cole (USA)

Scientific Director
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Dr. Lars Heitmann

Dr. Lars Heitmann (Switzerland)

Vice President, FUE Europe
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Dr. Reza Azar

Dr. Reza Azar (Germany)

Vice President, FUE Europe
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Dr. Özgür Öztan

Dr. Özgür Öztan (Turkey)

Fue Europe Director Eurasia
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Dr. Asim Shahmalak

Dr. Asim Shahmalak (UK)

Fue Europe Director UK/Northern Europe
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Dr. Emorane Lupanzula

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula (Belgium)

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Dr. Pietro Gentile

Dr. Pietro Gentile (Italy)

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Dr. Ryan Welter

Dr. Ryan Welter (USA)

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Dr. Sergio Vañó

Dr. Sergio Vañó (Spain)

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Dr. Cristina Serrano Falcón

Dr. Cristina Serrano Falcón (Spain)

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Dr. Angelo Trivissimo

Dr. Angelo Trivissimo (Italy)

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Dr. Sanusi Umar

Dr. Sanusi Umar (USA)

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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein (USA)

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Dr. Ezequiel Pano

Dr. Ezequiel Panno (Spain)

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Dr. Shadi Zari

Dr. Shadi Zari (Saudia Arabia)

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Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein

Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein (Serbia)

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Dr. Carlos Calixtho

Dr. Carlos Calixtho (Brazil)

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Dr. Felix Popescu

Dr. Felix Popescu (Romania)

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Dr. Antonio Alcaide

Dr. Antonio Alcaide (Spain)

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Milena Lardi

Milena Lardi (Italy)

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Dr. Phillippe Ginouves

Dr. Phillippe Ginouves (France)

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Dr. Otávio Boaventura

Dr. Otávio Boaventura (Brazil)

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Dr. Flavia Barsali

Dr. Flavia Barsali (Portugal)

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Dr. Alex Seiadatan

Dr. Alex Seiadatan (Spain)

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Dr. Emre Karadeniz

Dr. Emre Karadeniz (Turkey)

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Dr. Georgio Zontos

Dr. Georgio Zontos (Denmark)

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Dr. Muresanu Sever

Dr. Muresanu Sever (Switzerland)

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Dr. Ramiro Yane

Dr. Ramiro Yane (Spain)

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Dr. Elif Kuzgun

Dr. Elif Kuzgun (Turkey)

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Dan Forshaw

Dan Forshaw (UK)

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Dr. Mariana Alves

Dr. Mariana Alves (Spain)

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Dr. Laura Caicedo Albarello

Dr. Laura Caicedo Albarello (Spain)

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Conference Topics

Non Shaven FUE
Manual FUE
Motorized FUE
Unshaven FUE
FUE Transection Rate
Complications of Megasession FUE
Eyelashes and eyebrows FUE
Body Hair Transplant
Extreme repair cases
Stem cell
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
Regenerative Medicine
Punch Options
Anesthesia Techniques
Donor Supply in FUE
Hair Transplant Research
Non surgical hair option

Event Features

Keynote Speeches

Live Surgery

Presentations and Discusions

Gala Dinner

Sponsors' Exhibits

Sponsors / Exhibitors

Welcome to Málaga

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Malaga, the birthplace of the iconic Pablo Picasso, world-renowned Spanish painter & sculptor!

If you think the Costa del Sol is soulless, you clearly haven’t been to Málaga. Loaded with history and brimming with a youthful vigour that proudly acknowledges its multi-layered past, the city that gave the world Picasso has transformed itself in spectacular fashion in the last decade, with half a dozen new art galleries, a radically rethought port area and a nascent art district called Soho. Not that Málaga was ever lacking in energy: the Spanish-to-the-core bar scene could put bags under eyes of an insomniac madrileño, while the food culture encompasses both Michelin stars and tastefully tatty fish shacks. Come here for tapas washed down with sweet local wine, and stay in a creative boutique hotel sandwiched between a Roman amphitheatre, a Moorish fortress and the polychromatic Pompidou Centre, while you reflect on how eloquently Málaga has reinvented itself for the 21st century. (Source)

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